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Clottware is a leading enterprise web development company having specialized in creating top quality, multi-level enterprise-grade web solutions to meet various corporate needs. Our Experience team of expert can develop bespoke enterprise web portals, eCommerce solutions, B2B and B2C applications,as well as ERP and CRM software apps, reporting, billing, and secure financial transaction processing systems, among others. We build our enterprise IT and web solutions using the latest web technologies, ensuring that they are secure, robust, and scalable. Our solutions are designed to help businesses reduce their overall operational costs and enhance their operational efficiency.

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How we provide web development Services

Clottware is a full-cycle web development service provider. It implies providing our customers with fully-functioning solutions for all stages of the software development lifecycle from a discovery session to the product launch and further maintenance and support.


Each new software project in our company starts with exploring the subject idea and specifying the key requirements for a future product. This way we ensure that your digital product will meet the market demand. For his reason, we hold a discovery session with our customers. During this stage, we analyze issues the customer wants to fix, uncover potential bottlenecks, and define the most suitable technology stack. After that, our software development team offers time and cost estimates and forms the project documentation. This approach allows us to minimize risks, reduce web development services costs and help clients make more informed decisions.We start a new software project with a discovery session. It is a sure-fire way to minimize risks, improve efficiency, cut customized software development services costs, and reduce the amount of rework. To achieve these goals, we collect and analyze the input information. It includes pain points your custom software development solution will address, target audience, desirable features, and competitors. Such a comprehensive approach allows us to deliver successful software solutions that meet the market demand. Besides, armed with this valuable data, we can offer customers more accurate time and cost estimates.


The UX/UX design stage starts with analyzing the project requirements. This information helps our design team create the information infrastructure the right way. As soon as the information structure is completed, the UX/UI designers build wireframes. They can be seen as the skeletal framework followed by designers and the development team. They do not have any colors or logos to keep the developers focused on usability rather than visual appeal. When the customer approves these wireframes, UX/UI designers transform them into interactive prototypes, which suppose the first user interaction. Prototypes serve to create the UI design that we later present to our customers.


At Syndicode, we adhere to the principles of the Agile philosophy. This way, we will help you minimize risks associated with custom business software development and offer better control over your project. This approach increases your chances to launch a high-quality, bug-free software product. Agile adoption implies dividing the custom application development process into short periods of time. They are called sprints that usually last for two weeks. At the beginning of each sprint, our custom software development team defines which tasks they should be working on during the next two weeks. After that, developers build the required features. As soon as some piece of functionality is completed, it is tested by the quality assurance engineers to make sure it has no bugs. If there are no bugs or glitches, the functionality is released to production.


It is the last and the most responsible part of the custom software product development process where your digital solution goes live. After our quality assurance engineers have performed all kinds of automated and manual testing, including usability, performance, and ad hoc testing, and did not identify any bugs or system glitches, the finalized application can be deployed to production. It means your software product is finally available for the end-users and search engines. Then, our custom development team writes the release notes to specify all bugs that were fixed and key changes that have been made.


After your custom software development product is launched, we will monitor its performance and fix any bugs identified by the end-users. Also, we will implement new features to help you stay relevant and satisfy the growing needs of your target audience. If you need the after-launch support from our custom software outsourcing, you can choose one of two options. You can purchase a certain number of hours or create a backlog of tasks our development team will need to work on. Here we recommend collecting tasks until they add up to at least eighty working hours and then give them to our development team. This way, you will save on maintenance and support services.

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All companies regardless of their size will derive multiple benefits from website development services provided by Clottware. With our professional website, you can easily establish the credibility of your business and grow your customer base.

By using our custom software development services, your startup will get a unique digital product that will stand out from the market rivals. We will analyze your business idea and define the features and the best-suited technology stack to make your product attractive to investors and end-users. With our help, you will turn your business idea into a successful and profitable custom software development solution.
By undertaking the technical side of custom software product development, we enable you to focus on planning, funding, growth-strategy execution, performance measurement, and other tasks aimed to expand your business and address the challenges your organization may face. All solutions delivered by Syndicode have a scalable architecture, meaning that we initially consider the increases in workload and the growing number of concurrent users when your business scales.
We will build a custom CRM, inventory control system, accounting solution, or any other custom software product that will be aligned with the core processes of your well-established company. This way, we will help you speed up your key business activities such as customer acquisition and retention, accounting management, financial analysis and reporting, or supply management. Also, we will adopt the most advanced security practices to protect your sensitive information.

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Custom software development service implies designing, building, releasing, and maintaining software solutions. The value of such products lies in their uniqueness. Bespoke software solutions are tailored to specific business requirements and the needs of a particular customer. For this reason, they have a distinctive set of features and definite characteristics. Custom software development approach is often adopted by the narrow domains or industries where compliance with certain regulations is required. Here we should mention healthcare, finance, and online banking. Tailored solutions are better suited for serving these industries than generic, out-of-the-box products because of advanced security mechanisms and unique functionality.

There is no unified answer to this question. The total cost varies from project to project. So rather than provide you with some figures, we will pay attention to the key factors that define how much you will have to pay to get your digital product built from scratch. The first factor is the project complexity. The more complicated features you want to implement, the more money you will have to pay for custom software development services. The second factor is the rates of the custom software development firm you will partner with. The lower rates do not influence the quality of the software solutions they deliver.

A reliable and experienced custom software development agency can build basically any software product. However, certain types of custom products became particularly popular among organizations. These solutions are content management systems (CMSs), customer relationship management systems, enterprise resource planning software, operations management software, and e-commerce software. Their popularity can be explained by their ability to bring business the maximum benefits, streamline their daily operations, and automate tedium manual processes.

There are several reasons to consider Clottware as your web development service provider. First, we are a full-cycle software development company, meaning that you can count on our assistance at each stage of the software development process from a discovery session to the product launch. Second, we hire only experienced web developers with excellent technical background to ensure the best quality of the services we deliver. Finally, use the best project management methodologies such as Scrum and Agile to guarantee the effectiveness and transparancy of the web development process.

There is a big difference between custom software and off-the-shelf products. First, when it comes to custom solutions, you can implement any functionality you need. It is not the case with ready-made products. They come with a limited feature set that is difficult, if not impossible, to customize or modify. The second difference is the launch speed. You can launch an out-of-the-box solution almost instantly, while tailored solutions may take some time. Third, bespoke software is better protected against common security threats and vulnerabilities owing to secure protocols and encryption. Finally, though the off-the-shelf solutions seem less costly than software development services, the latter is more cost-effective in the long run. You do not have to pay licensing fees that will grow as your business scales.