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Product design services

We’ve assembled outstanding research & UX/UI experts who build user-centered custom designs for all our projects

The distinguishing quality of our designers is their in-depth analysis and focus on visual communication. Product Design Team creates interfaces that don’t merely work — but also sell.

Bootstrap Themes

Our Design Approach

Clottware Product Design Team aims to create beautiful, efficient, and transparent interfaces. The interface has to touch users on rational and emotional levels, helping to connect with the brand. It also should be functional, allowing users to perform operations in 1-2 clicks.

01. Discover & Devise

Market Analysis

Review what's already been done by similar solutions in the market and elevate the experience


Identify core needs and vision of the solution with elaborated brainstorming sessions


Identify core business problem to be solved keeping end-users at the center

02.Define & Refine


Designing information architecture with key modules and activities in a logical hierarchy

User Journeys

Heuristic analysis of user behavior by working backward to design elements that users anticipate


Conceptual block-based representation to uncover visual representation of key information elements

03.UI / UX Design


As a leading website design company, we surgically crafting beautiful pixels to create a visually appealing interface of relevant screens

Digital Experience

With our mobile app designing services, we create a functional design by carefully orchestrating interface, information, and interaction

Objective Design

We create designs that not only looks stunning but also sticks to solving the core of the problem through our mobile app design services

Why Your Idea Needs a "Workshop"?


Not all requirements are development ready


Ideas evolve and they need to be constrained in a boundary


Organize your thoughts for maximum impact


A quality product must have clearly defined objectives


Deriving scope, for accurate timeline and budget


Choosing the right technology approach to development


A Discovery Workshop is a collaborative process where we work with you to identify and prioritize critical system features for your website or mobile app. It helps to define a clear strategy, identify the target audience, and minimize risk while optimizing cost and time.

We have a dedicated team of analysts, UI/UX designers, and technical experts who work together to create a functional and visually appealing design that meets the needs of your target audience. We also conduct user testing and feedback to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our design solutions.

Our approach is focused on challenges and solutions, with the audience at the center of the design process. We prioritize the discovery and organization of ideas, quantification of scope, and choosing the right technology approach to development. We also follow an agile methodology for speed and adaptability to changes.