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We build technology solutions to supercharge your business.

Leverage our Development Services to disrupt your market. Our team of expert specializing in creating custom websites, web applications, and web-tools that perfectly align with your business goals.

Web app development

By building a web app you get software for developing your business that can increase sales with the interaction of your customers and partners. This way, you can offer improved customer service and optimize and manage key operational processes.

Ecommerce website development

Our web development services include designing and building eye-catching and functional storefronts. We explore your subject idea to help you choose the most suitable business model and the right functionality to attract more customers. In addition, we will use the most advanced technology stack to ensure secure payment processing on your e-commerce platform.

Corporate website development

Clottware provides web design and development services to help your business improve its online presence and gain new customers. We will build a professional website to showcase your products or services to the best advantage. Such a website will be your trustworthy sales representative that allows you to establish your business credibility.

How we provide web development Services

Clottware is a full-cycle web development service provider. It implies providing our customers with fully-functioning solutions for all stages of the software development lifecycle from a discovery session to the product launch and further maintenance and support.


Each new software project in our company starts with exploring the subject idea and specifying the key requirements for a future product. This way we ensure that your digital product will meet the market demand. For his reason, we hold a discovery session with our customers. During this stage, we analyze issues the customer wants to fix, uncover potential bottlenecks, and define the most suitable technology stack. After that, our software development team offers time and cost estimates and forms the project documentation. This approach allows us to minimize risks, reduce web development services costs and help clients make more informed decisions.


Our UX/UI design team starts with analyzing project requirements collected and written down at the discovery stage. This way, our specialists ensure that the information architecture of the future app will be built the right way. After that, the wire-framing takes place. Wire-frames can be seen as stretches, their function is to show the position of the elements on the web page. They do not have any logos or colors. This way, our specialists are focused on usability rather than on visual appeal. As soon as the wire-frames are approved by the customer, our UX/UI design team converts them into clickable prototypes that imply the first user interaction. The final version of the UI is based on these prototypes.


At Clottware, we follow the principles of the Agile philosophy. This way, we minimize risks associated with custom software development, deliver high-quality software products, and offer clients better control over their projects. According to Agile, the whole development process is divided into short sprints that generally last two weeks. At the beginning of each sprint, we prioritize the tasks in our backlog. Then, the development itself takes place. As soon as a certain piece of functionality is completed, it is stressed by our quality assurance engineers to make sure that there are no bugs or system errors. When all bugs are fixed, functionality is released to production.


When the testing stage is completed and no bugs were identified, the final version of the software solution can be deployed to production. From this moment, your digital product becomes accessible to search engines, and users can easily find it. Apart from that, our website development services include writing specific technical documentation about the product that is launched. It is called release notes and it covers all bugs that we have fixed and crucial changes we have made. Release notes are important since they show customers the true value of their product.

05.Maintenance and support

Professional web development services provided by Clottware include maintaining your software solution after its successful launch. This way, we ensure that it is stable, bug-free, and accessible 24/7. Also, we can add new features to your product per your request to make it relevant and satisfactory for the ever-growing demands of your target market. To use our maintenance and support services you can either purchase a certain amount of hours per month or create a backlog of tasks for our team to handle. Here we recommend collecting tasks until they take at least eighty working hours. This way, you will be able to cut off expenses.

We build websites for

All companies regardless of their size will derive multiple benefits from website development services provided by Clottware. With our professional website, you can easily establish the credibility of your business and grow your customer base.

We offer web development services to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their startups off the ground. With our custom project management tools, customer relationship management systems, accounting platforms, and other digital solutions, young companies can increase the efficiency of their internal workflows, simplify and automate routine daily tasks, and facilitate the growth of their business.
Being an experienced ​​web development service provider, we help customers run their small or medium businesses effectively with different types of custom web products. They are accounting and bookkeeping software, marketing and public relations tools, document management systems, customer service solutions, and productivity and focus instruments. Armed with these tools, clients can streamline operational processes and automate internal workflows.
Big, well-established companies will derive multiple benefits from website development services provided by Clottware team. Apart from basic information about their products and services, organizations can publish company news for clients and stakeholders there. Besides, when it comes to manufacturers, customers can order unique products after filling in a specific form on the corporate website.

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Technologies we work with








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Web development services imply designing, building, testing, launching, and maintaining all kinds of web-based software products. You can turn to a web development service provider to get your digital product built from scratch or you can ask them to modify or enhance the existing website development solutions. For example, you can implement new functionality to satisfy the ever-growing demands of your audience. Either way, web development services will be beneficial for your business since having a corporate website or web application will help you improve your online presence and get more visitors from search engine results, which you can turn into paid customers.

To start with, there are many advanced technologies that can be used for building websites. The choice of a particular tech stack depends on several factors. They are the type of software product you are going to build, its complexity, functionality, and timeline. Speaking about technologies used at Clottware, Ruby on Rails is our main backend technology. This framework is secure, scalable, and has a great number of free open-source libraries called gems that speed up the development process. As for the front-end side of our websites, it is built with React. We use this open-source library to build user interfaces.

The short answer is: it depends. There are several factors that influence the web development services cost. The first one is the type of web development product you are going to build and its complexity. The more sophisticated functionality you want to implement, the higher price will be. The second factor is the development approach. Custom website development services will be more expensive than out-of-the-box solutions. However, the bespoke product will allow you to save costs in the long run.

There are several reasons to consider Clottware as your web development service provider. First, we are a full-cycle software development company, meaning that you can count on our assistance at each stage of the software development process from a discovery session to the product launch. Second, we hire only experienced web developers with excellent technical background to ensure the best quality of the services we deliver. Finally, use the best project management methodologies such as Scrum and Agile to guarantee the effectiveness and transparancy of the web development process.

Yes, we can implement a user-friendly online payment dashboard that allows you to track and manage transactions in real-time. This tool provides insights into payment activity, helping you monitor and analyze financial data effectively.